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Waarom Sarah (38) na 25 jaar weer een bikini draagt


Na 25 jaar was Sarah (38) het zat: haar lichaam verhullen en zich zorgen maken over wat anderen van haar denken. Dus besloot het plussize-model tijdens een zomerse fotoshoot eindelijk weer eens in bikini te gaan en af te rekenen met haar onzekerheden.

Krachtige boodschap: houd van je lijf

De Amerikaanse Sarah Sapora kreeg afgelopen weken heel wat positieve reacties op haar Instagramaccount. Het model besloot zich na 25 jaar letterlijk bloot te geven. Lang durfde ze dat niet, na een ongelukkig moment tijdens een jeugdkamp was Sarah bang geworden voor de reacties van anderen. Bang om in een hokje te worden geplaatst of om te worden afgerekend op wat mensen van haar denken. Ze besloot af te rekenen met het verleden en een krachtig signaal af te geven door zich, in bikini, te laten fotograferen op het strand van Malibu.


Want to know something? Sit down for this, because this overweight, 38-year old woman is about to drop a truth bomb on you. Ready? That hiding? That anxiety you feel about who you are and what you look like? That fear you have that people are looking and going to laugh at you for dreaming big, being bold, or coloring outside the lines? It’s bananas. When you “play small” in your life, nobody wins. Least of all you. Have you ever heard that expression? In the world of personal growth (a place I am dipping my toes in as a plus size wellness blogger) it’s a Marianne Williamson expression that explains how many of us shrug off our true desire, our true nature, to maintain security, control, and comfort. How we ignore what we really want so as not to rock our own boat, or the boats in the water near us. Rock the damn boat. Break your mold. Stop shrugging your True North off. Step in. Big and bold. Its time!! Another pic with my @lanebryant bikini. #BeGreater #Sponsored Pic by @lovelyinla ?

Een bericht gedeeld door Sarah (@sarahsapora) op

Haar boodschap? Houd van jezelf, wees trots op je lichaam en leef je leven zoals jij dat wilt. Ook als je een volle vrouw bent. Wees niet bang voor de blikken van anderen en heb geen angst om te worden uitgelachen. Want uiteindelijk brengt die onzekerheid je niet verder en heb je er niks aan om met angst door het leven te gaan. Of, zoals ze zelf zegt bij een van haar Instagramfoto’s:

We get one turn around this dancefloor, folks. There comes a time in your life when you realize it’s time to play the music YOU like, and dance like nobody’s watching. Or like everyone is watching.”


Wearing this @lanebryant bikini took me far out of my comfort zone. But that’s the thing about feeling free. Once you REALLY start to live that — once you feel it — your comfort can’t be contained into any single zone. It’s in the air. It’s in the way you breathe. There is less fear and more room to dance in the truth of who, and what, we are. I feel this all the time. Freedom becomes your baseline. And you stop worrying about stuff like your “visible belly line” or stretch marks or stuff that jiggles because your sense of self is born in your beating heart. And your breath. And as long as you have both of those you can always come back to the single most important tool for happiness you have in your life. Love. It’s all about love. Link to full post in the bio. #BeGreater #Sponsored Pic by @lovelyinla ?

Een bericht gedeeld door Sarah (@sarahsapora) op

Het resultaat? Ongelooflijk veel likes en positieve reacties uit de hele wereld, een boost voor Sarahs zelfvertrouwen.


This was an absolute first for me as an adult. Are you ready for the picture flood? Because I am so damn proud…The last time I wore a low-rise bikini, I was thirteen years old at “fat camp.” It wasn’t even mine; I borrowed it from a counselor and wore it just long enough to lay on a towel by the tennis court during rest period for 45 minutes that single summer day.  Someone snapped a photo of it. I remember seeing it once, but that’s it… It’s taken me 25 years to feel that free in my body again. This is my new @lanebryant bikini. The kind of bikini I never thought I would wear. And now here I am. A size 22. And more comfortable, more balanced, and more joyful than I have ever been in my entire life. We get one turn around this dance floor, folks. There comes a time in your life when you realize it’s time to play the music YOU like, and dance like nobody’s watching. Or like everyone is watching. Except if anyone is heckling, you don’t care because you’re too busy moving and shaking and living and laughing to be noticed. Brand new on the blog today! Lost more pics from this set and the FULL story of why you should PLAY BIG and show up in your own life without apology!!! If this post resonates with you, please click on the link in my bio for the FULL message and how and why its important that we truly allow joy into our life. #BeGreater #Sponsored Pic by @lovelyinla ?

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I once read a stat that reported 51% of women polled would give up sex if it meant they could be thin. This broke my heart. They also say that 1 in 4 women is so weirded out by her own body that she won’t have sex with the lights on. And, after sharing a super personal blog post a few years ago, I was flooded with messages from women across the world (literally) saying they were too ashamed of their own body to see their husbands and boyfriends see them naked. This hurts my soul. Look, its totally ok to want to improve your life and strive for things. But we must STOP BEING ASHAMED OF THE BODY THAT WE HAVE RIGHT NOW! Even if you have long-term goals to be fitter. Acceptance and peace are the only places to live. They are the only place that can even allow you to grow and make changes from a balanced mindset. Newsflash; Fat people can have sex. And it can be intimate and beautiful. Fat people can have sex with other fat people, they can have sex with slender people, average people, and even super fit people. @keithwebb and I don’t hook up. Hell, we don’t even date. We’re just great friends who share a deep connection and both really believe in the idea that all bodies deserve to feel good as they are! If you are with a partner, they know how big you are. They either don’t care or they actually really like your body. So stop being your worst enemy. Let them touch your thighs, your stomach, their arms. Allow YOURSELF to be touched. You deserve that. If you are anxious about your body and intimacy, breathe. It’s just a body. One of the greatest gifts in life is the joy to experience things — to be present. When we’re so distracted, being stuck in our head with our own negative talk, we can’t possibly live in the Now and enjoy. #BeGreater #selflove #selfcare #bodypositive Photo by @lovelyinla

Een bericht gedeeld door Sarah (@sarahsapora) op


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